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Di., 26. Okt.


Online Veranstaltung

Collaboratio helvetica: Impact Loop

Erfahre mehr über das Impact Loop Framework, welches dir hilft, die verschiedenen Dynamiken und Verbindungen bei der Arbeit an systemrelevanten Themen zu verstehen

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Collaboratio helvetica: Impact Loop
Collaboratio helvetica: Impact Loop

Time & Location

26. Okt. 2021, 18:30 – 20:30

Online Veranstaltung

More about this event

Tackling issues of systemic relevance and working towards societal change is a big undertaking. There are many interrelated dynamics and aspects to track and be mindful of. What we experience in the macro is often also present in the microcosmos, being it in our project, team, or ourselves. Working both on the outer levels (tangible actions and interventions), as well as the inner aspects with (ideally all) involved stakeholders have become not only a nice to have but in our experience a critical game-changer. We have therefore created, what we call, the impact loop, a framework and map that can help us orient and navigate in this multifaceted and complex work with more clarity, lightness, and ease.

Further; tending to our inner aptitude and personal practice, as a precondition for work with uncertain and sometimes rather dense dynamics allows us to approach deeper laying root causes with more presence, openness, and courage, or as Bill O’Brien former CEO, Hanover Insurance well said:

“The success of an intervention depends on the inner condition of the intervener.”

In this workshop, you will be introduced to:

  • How the impact loop can support you and your work
  • How to work consciously with it in diverse situations and contexts
  • How to apply and combine the outer and inner aspects on a personal, group, and organisational level
  • How a more intentional personal practice with its different aspects can enhance the effectiveness - both on a personal level as well as for projects of systemic relevance

This workshop is part of the Catalyst Lab journey and is open for the interested public.

The costs are as follows:

  • CHF 20 for explorers
  • CHF 50 for friends and team members of Catalysts
  • CHF 100 for externals


The workshop will be facilitated by Nora Wilhelm, catalyst and co-founder of collaboratio helvetica, and Luea Ritter, co-host of the Catalyst Lab.

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