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COP27 – Let’s talk about solutions!

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COP27 – Let’s talk about solutions!
COP27 – Let’s talk about solutions!

Time & Location

22. Nov. 2022, 18:00 – 21:30

Zürich, Pfingstweidstrasse 16, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

More about this event

Join us and the One Planet Lab on November 22nd to get insights from people who joined COP27 in person and to discuss solutions

Every year, thousands of representatives from business, government, academia and NGOs from all over the world meet to discuss climate change at COP (Conference of Parties). Previous COPs led to the Kyoto Protocol, which was signed in 1997, and the Paris Agreement of 2015. Both agreements had a significant influence on climate protection and are cited regularly in regulations, policies and carbon reduction goals from companies.

While we must not neglect the successes of the past COPs, there are also some frustrations. For example, critical voices say that COPs are usually over-represented by industries who have large carbon footprints, that there is a lack of attendees from the Global South and that the fact that any final measures must be agreed upon by consensus leads to very conservative compromises, in short: we need more action and less talk.

This year’s COP, which takes place from 6-18th November in Egypt, has four focus areas: Mitigation, Adaptation, Finance and Collaboration. We are hopeful that the discussions will lead to concrete actions.

Join us and the One Planet Lab on November 22nd to get insights from people who joined COP27 in person and to subsequently discuss solutions and paths forward in groups focusing on the four areas mentioned above (mitigation, adaptation, finance and collaboration).

Questions we will discuss include:

  • What was decided at COP27?
  • What changes will this bring to governments and businesses?
  • What are possible solutions and paths forward for climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainable finance and collaboration?

We are looking forward to seeing you for an in-depth discussion the week after COP27 for exclusive insights and important discussions! Speakers to be announced soon.

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