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Di., 06. Juni



Greenbuzz: Loss & Damage Fund – A step towards climate justice?

Diejenigen, die am wenigsten zu den Treibhausgasemissionen beitragen, tragen oft die Hauptlast der Klimaauswirkungen. Aus diesem Grund sind die durch den Klimawandel verursachten "Verluste und Schäden" oder "Loss and Damages" für viele im Kern eine Frage der Klimagerechtigkeit.

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Greenbuzz: Loss & Damage Fund – A step towards climate justice?
Greenbuzz: Loss & Damage Fund – A step towards climate justice?

Time & Location

06. Juni 2023, 18:00 – 21:30

Zürich, Pfingstweidstrasse 16, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

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Der Event wird in Englisch gehalten.

Those who contribute the least to greenhouse gas emissions often end up bearing the brunt of climate impacts. This is why, for many, the “loss and damage” caused by climate change is at its heart an issue of climate justice.

Climate justice is more than a moral issue. It is an economic issue.

At COP27 in November 2022, the world came together to set up a Loss and Damage (L&D) Fund to help those most affected by the climate crisis. This fund is dubbed a historic achievement by many and a critical step towards achieving our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ensuring climate justice.

The L&D Fund is designed to provide financial support to vulnerable communities and countries that are disproportionately affected by the climate crisis. This includes those who are suffering from extreme weather events, sea level rise, and other climate-related disasters. By providing financial support, the fund will help these communities to recover and build resilience to future climate impacts.

We will be joined by speakers from finance, Swiss Youth for Climate, and business, who will be sharing their perspectives on these important questions:

  • How should companies be held to account for Loss and Damage?
  • What criteria will be used to determine which countries are eligible for funding?
  • What types of activities will be supported by the Loss and Damage Fund?
  • What measures can be taken to ensure that funds are used appropriately and not misappropriated by governments?

This event is hosted by Greenbuzz.

The Loss and Damage Fund is a critical step towards achieving our SDGs and ensuring climate justice. We hope you can join us to discuss the importance of this fund and how we can ensure its success.

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