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Do., 11. Nov.



GreenBuzz Zurich: Networking Event Series – Towards Net Zero

Join us for this Networking Event Series – Towards Net Zero powered by Innosuisse!

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GreenBuzz Zurich: Networking Event Series – Towards Net Zero
GreenBuzz Zurich: Networking Event Series – Towards Net Zero

Time & Location

11. Nov. 2021, 18:30 – 21:00

Zürich, Hohlstrasse 110, 8010 Zürich, Schweiz

More about this event

As governments around the world introduce new regulations to reduce CO2 emissions, businesses are expected to follow suit. They find themselves in a race against time to meet the ‘Net Zero by 2050’ target. The stakes could not be higher. By limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, it is understood that the most harmful effects of climate change may be mitigated. How well companies adapt to the new guidelines will be critical to reaching the 2050 goal.

A recent study suggests that over 20% of the world’s largest public companies have committed to net zero. And the majority of those companies also have interim targets, a published plan and a reporting mechanism in place for their commitments. However, the study also indicates that the “net zero commitments assessed varied hugely in their quality and only 20% met the minimum set of robustness criteria, or ‘starting line’, as set out by the UN Race to Zero Campaign.”

The study leaves some open questions such as: Are the commitments enough? What can we learn from our past successes and failures? What are the greatest hurdles to overcome  to achieve net zero? What reporting standards can we align to?

Many in our GreenBuzz community are striving towards the same goal of achieving net zero. In this event we will discuss:

• science aligned targets, 

• following a decarbonising strategy, 

• measuring and reporting on their progress.

We invite our speakers and audience to learn from each other, share insights and make connections that can elevate the work that is being done to a speed that will meet our climate targets.  As a take away from this event, you will have a clearer idea on tackling your net-zero goals.

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